VR Art Masterclass
with SUTU

A unique opportunity for selected Noosa high school art students to learn VR Art from the world's best.

The Program

Learn, create and be inspired

On Monday 13th November, a group of Noosa's talented year 10 artists will join Stuart Campbell, one of the world's leading immersive storytellers, for a masterclass on how to tell stories using art created in Virtual Reality.

Stuart (aka SUTU) will show students how he uses Virtual Reality tools like Tilt Brush to create new kinds of 3d art and animation that is being used in film, gallery exhibitions, live performances and online.

Students will split into groups, each with a facilitator, and taught by Stuart how to use the tools needed to produce immersive stories.

After a catered lunch, students will be challenged to produce their own immersive stories using the techniques and tips they learned earlier in the day.

The masterclass will conclude with students presenting their art to colleagues and staff.


Monday, November 13th, 2017


CQUniversity, Noosa
90 Goodchap St,


Starts 9:30am
Ends 2pm

Presented by

CQ University


Immersive Artist

Sutu is an illustrator, interactive designer and writer and one of the world's leading exponents of Immersive art. He is well known for "Nawlz", his interactive comic book series and "Prosthetic Reality", the augmented reality exhibition that he currently has touring around the world. He has also adapted traditional Australian Aboriginal stories into interactive iPad storybooks and created NEOMAD interactive comic, a space opera set in the Aussie outback. Sutu will tell us about a new generation of VR art tools and how he is using a them to create his ground-breaking paintings, illustrations, comics and exhibitions.


The Venue

CQ University,

CQUniversity Noosa
90 Goodchap St
Noosaville QLD

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