• What is the theme for the competition?

    The theme for the competition is "Lost & Found". We are living in digital times where our connection with the environment is increasingly through a virtual realm. The Lost & Found theme asks us to consider that loss is an inherent aspect of the environment and through the process of loss we value what remains and become open to finding new futures.

  • When do entries open and close?

    Entries open on Tuesday 9th May and close on Friday 2nd June.

  • Where can I do my art?

    If your school does not have a VR system, you can book a time to use our shared VR system which will be located at the Coory library for the duration of the competition.

  • How much time am I alloted to do my art?

    Each artist is permitted a maximum of two hours in VR to complete their work using the Tilt Brush application. You may use as much time as you like in preparation, developing concepts, sketches etc so that you maximise the time you have available in VR.

  • How do I submit my art?

    Once you have completed your work, you will save it to the Tilt Brush gallery. The competition organisers will regularly back up those files and they will be stored in a central location and ultimately used for judging.

  • When is the prizegiving event?

    The prizegiving event takes place on Monday 12th June from 6pm and will be hosted at the St Andrews College Learning Hub.

  • What are the competition prizes?

    1st Prize: HTC Vive VR system
    2nd Prize: Wacom drawing tablet
    3rd Prize: Wacom drawing tablet

  • Where can I learn more about Tilt Brush?

    See the video below for an overview tutorial. There are many other videos on Youtube and plenty of examples of Tilt Brush work to inspire you.

How to use Tilt Brush

Participating artists should watch this video before beginning their art session for an introductory tutorial on how to use Tilt Brush and get the most out of its feature set.

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